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Community of Sharers

The official beginning of BEAM Kenya... 

Guest blog by Colleen Costigan. As originally published May 4, 2017.

I never enjoyed sharing.  Ever.  Not food.  Not clothes.  Not a bathroom.  Nothing.  I liked to have my own stuff and have control over it.   Just ask my dear, sweet older sister.   Sharing my baby brother?  Not a chance. One of the greatest life lessons, which I should have learned in Kindergarten, I learned in Kenya . . .

How to share. 

My friends in Kenya know how to share well.  They share food.  They share homes.  They share beds.  They share resources.  They share space.  They share time.

Whether they have a lot or a little . . . they share . . . willingly and joyfully.

I am excited to announce the official beginnings of BEAM Kenya, a school sponsorship and counseling program that will allow for expanded and ongoing service for children living in Kipkaren and the slums in Turbo, two communities in Kenya that have captured my heart over the last five years.

We need a community of sharers to be a part of the rebuilding, repairing, and restoring process for the children in the scholarship program as well as others in the community who need access to counseling resources.

The BEAM Kenya Mission:  To advocate for the emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of impoverished children in Kenya.

These two blogs summarize my journey with the school sponsorship and counseling program that has been slowly developing over the last few years . . . http://humbledwarrior.com/light-bearers/ and http://humbledwarrior.com/2187-2/

BEAM Kenya currently has 20 children in the scholarship program.  We have high hopes to expand the scholarship program and increase access to counseling for the community.  Please consider partnering with us to help meet the overwhelming amount of financial needs.

What are some of the needs for the BEAM Kenya programs?

$10 – Provides an individual counseling session for a child who has undergone trauma or abuse

$100 – Provides food, transportation, and supplies for a Saturday Children’s Program in the slums

$300 –Provides Child Safety and Protection Training by professional Kenyan counselors for teachers at the local elementary school

$800 – Provides a scholarship for a vulnerable child from the slums to attend a Christian school – this includes boarding the students to provide a safer and more protected learning environment

$1,000 – Goes towards plans to create safe housing for the most vulnerable children to stay during the school holidays

When I get anxious about our fundraising goals, I remind myself about 2013 when I set a goal to raise $20,000 for the year I spent in Kenya working in the slums.  Friends, family, and strangers gave close to $45,000, far exceeding my expectations.  Boldly and bravely, I am asking you to partner with us on this mission that is near and dear to my heart.

Whether it’s ten dollars or ten thousand, a monthly donation or one time donation, please click on the link and share away!

Please check out the BEAM Kenya website (www.BEAMKenya.org) to learn more about our programs and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

With love and gratitude,



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