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Today I met with an old friend who I have not seen in a long time. She is a friend who is very dear to my heart…a true instrument of growth that the Lord used in my spiritual walk many years ago and still uses today. Every time we see each other we are so grateful for the time we have and so sad that we’ve let so much time slip by between visits. I’m sure most everyone can relate. There has never been any doubt in my mind that this friendship was born of God Himself as it is so rich in spiritual blessings. Today’s visit was proof of that once again.

During our visit walked and talked about all that has happened over the last couple years since we’ve seen each other, which included some very intense trials. Our time today felt like we were reading passages from a book to each other. A book that had highs, lows, and lots of in-between’s. As we shared high points and low points, some of them circumstances that without God would have had us in dire straits…we became aware of something, there was an unshakable belief that through it all, God was at work.

I realize that we are Christians so OF COURSE we are SUPPOSED believe God is at work, but often we throw those words around much too casually. Let’s stop and think about that. At some point in every believer’s walk, the rubber will meet the road and you and I (if we haven’t already) will have to live the words we profess to believe. Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of this “rubber and road” situation without ever realizing it has happened. Through the fog of our circumstances and the daily nuances of walking through our trials we may not realize that the rubber HAS met the road. We may not be able to appreciate the truth that we are not just surviving, but we are being profoundly strengthened and refined.  

For me, and perhaps you, when I’m in the midst of it all, it is very hard for me to trust that a grand story is unfolding. But when the Author of your life is God, the story will be grand, and the ending WILL…BE…GOOD! Today brought me that fresh perspective. Today took me out of the chapter and verse of the details in my life and as we shared memories of recent months, I was reminded that God has been working on my story…and He always will be. No matter what we are facing, we are in the midst of living out the story of our lives, created by our very own Author and Perfecter. The thought of that brings me peace, and I hope it will you as well.

God himself, in His providence, has written the story of my life with the best possible outcome for me, which will glorify Him. The same is true for you. God is sovereign and good and we can always trust that. Because of what God has done for us and our willing response to His love, we can be assured that, despite what we might face here and now, we have SO much to look forward to. While we may not know how our story ends, we know how the story ends…we have a good, good Father who has eternity in store for us.

I believe, that like me, you have walked through seasons of life that were so steeped in trials that you felt you couldn’t see beyond the very thing in front of you much less embrace the spiritual lesson or seasoning you were receiving from your trials. Maybe you are there now. Today, I pray that you will be reminded that your story is still unfolding. It is written by the only Perfect Author. And despite any formidable foe you may encounter, the ending is guaranteed if your trust is in Jesus.

In Christ,







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