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I saw a butterfly today. Every time I see a butterfly, it’s as though I’ve never seen one before. I have to stop, look, and behold. Butterflies are so stunningly beautiful to me! I’m so intrigued by butterflies in all their elegance and magnificence. What it takes to achieve this beauty might impress me the most. To simplify (in no scientific terms), a lowly worm, an intense yet necessary struggle, and, “voila!” a beautiful new creation! Ultimately, I love how the butterfly struggle parallels the Christian life. In our old life, we were slithering worms, yet despite that, God saw us worthy to invite us to be His. Often through a spiritual crisis point, we become aware of Jesus as our Lord and Savior put our faith in Him, and are reborn into a new creation. Each part of this process must happen; we must recognize who we are before Him, die to that old sinful life (painful struggle), and be reborn...just like a butterfly!

So, as I was on a morning walk today, this butterfly, in all its splendor, flew right next to me and landed on a vine. I immediately stopped to admire its beauty. It had black wings with the most gorgeous blue spot on either wing. I wanted to take it in for a moment. But as I stared at this butterfly, it slowly closed its wings so I could no longer admire it. Suddenly it blended in with the vine completely. I didn’t know it then, but this is called crypsis. Crypsis is when a butterfly folds up its wings to blend in with their surroundings and become nearly invisible to predators. Wow! This butterfly perceived me as a threat and changed to blend in with its surroundings so I could no longer see its beauty. This little butterfly had no idea that I was soaking in its colors, freedom of flight, and utter magnificence while praising God for this little wonder in my morning. 

This morning encounter immediately made me realize how we, as Christians, can easily do the same thing. We may freely flutter around as Christ’s creation, spreading beauty into the world without ever realizing it, when we suddenly see a perceived threat. Maybe it’s the threat of rejection, hurt, or criticism for our different life in Christ. Whatever it is, we instinctively protect ourselves and close up our wings, withholding our beauty, removing our ability to “fly” in the freedom intended for us, and robbing others of seeing Christ’s glorious work in us. 

So today, I’d like to challenge us, as women of the Most High God, created in His perfect image, to live freely in who He made us to be. To be vulnerable to show our wings, because ladies, Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice for us to get them! He sacrificed, and we struggled to put our flesh to death, but without that struggle, we would never be free to fly, and the world would never experience our beauty! So be challenged...don’t blend into your surroundings, don’t hide your beauty in Christ, spread your wings, and live the freedom He offers so that He will be glorified!

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