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Focus: How One Word a Week Will Transform Your Life

Focus: How One Word a Week Will Transform Your Life

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Imagine if a word like joy or worship or release flowed through your life for seven days straight? What if you quit worrying about where you fall short and aspired instead to one simple truth per week, for seven straight days. Then focus on one word from God's promises for the entire year. You'll grow closer in your connection with God and be more attuned to your love for God and for others.

Through the 52 short, mind-renewing devotions in this devotional gift book, Cleere challenges you to exactly this type of transformation a challenge she accepted herself not so long ago. The only way to live a full purposeful life is by shifting your mindset, planting your feet, making your hands available and positioning your heart towards Heaven. Each week, you'll dig into one word and see the power, importance, and relevance of that word in Scripture. There is a ''Focus Tip'' after each weekly devotion offering practical wisdom for personal application each day, additional Bible verses for deeper Bible study, and a short prayer you can remember so you can pray your word every day to help keep your focus. Then at the end of each month you'll find reflective questions, or ''Taking Inventory,'' to help you see how much you've grown by focusing on each of the four words that month followed by a guided gratitude prayer.

Don't lose another day to distraction, now it's time to Focus and know that you are loved and significant, and with Jesus, you can change the world!