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What Your Mind Needs for Anxious Moments: A 60-Day Guide to Take Control of Your Thoughts

What Your Mind Needs for Anxious Moments: A 60-Day Guide to Take Control of Your Thoughts

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Do you ever struggle with moments of anxiety and long for more peace? Do you wish someone would tell you how to control the fearful thoughts in your mind? Are you looking for biblical truth and practical steps?
Wall Street Journal bestselling author, life coach, and counselor Holley Gerth will help you break free of anxiety's grip so that you can experience an inner calm despite your outer circumstances. As a fellow struggler with anxiety, she's spent years researching what works and reading God's Word to discover truth every anxious heart needs.
In this 60-day devotional book, Holley starts with Genesis and journeys all the way through Scripture to share how biblical characters struggled with anxiety too.

She comes alongside you as a trusted friend, offering hard-won personal insights, biblical encouragement, and the latest brain science. Each devotion also includes Scripture, prayer, and questions for further reflection.

You don't have to keep putting up with your anxiety.
You don't have to stay stuck in the same old worries.
You don't have to continue surrendering your joy to stress.
This is the divine invitation offered to you: "Throw all your anxiety onto him, because he cares about you" (1 Pet. 5:7).
God alone is big enough to carry your burdens, work out all your worries, and take your anxious moments and transform them into soul-deep peace. His love for you is endless, his grace complete, and his plan for your life full of hope. He wants to set you free from anxiety one moment, one thought, one step at a time—starting right now.