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197.99 Plus Shipping Billed Every 6 Months

197.99 Plus Shipping Billed Every 6 Months

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Our six month plan is a great investment in your spiritual walk. You will receive 6 months of wonderful Christian products and a FREE T-Shirt in month two. All of this to uplift, encourage and inspire you to grow in your faith!

Supporting Your Journey With Christ

The six-month Butterfly Box subscription is a great investment for your spiritual walk. Each box contains hand-selected items, to uplift, encourage, and inspire you to grow in your faith. The theme of each box is unique, containing hand-picked devotional items. Your Butterfly Box subscription box is likely to contain: A Scripture-based book or journal Christian home decor Faith-inspired personal care items Wearable devotional items — t-shirt, jewelry, etc.
6- Month Pre-Paid Subscription $32.99 + Shipping/Month - $233.99 Billed Every 6 Months 5-star rating - 16 Reviews

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What You Can Expect To Feel When You Receive Your Butterfly Box


Whether you are firm in your faith or find yourself questioning in the uncertainty around you, there is always something there to remind you why you walk in faith. Butterfly Box exists to be a monthly encouragement to choose love and inspire you to continue your journey. Enjoy the items and discover Scripture that supports your relationship with Christ.


Life has a tendency to bog us down from time to time, distracting us from the things that really matter. Butterfly Box hopes to restore your energy in your faith walk. With readings and hand-selected Christian personal items, you are sure to feel inspired and connected.


Many people describe the feelings they get when they see the brilliant blue of their Butterfly Box delivery, and a resounding number of people say “excited, rejuvenated, and spirited.” It is not the worldly possessions it contains, but the reminder of their walk of faith. The items contained in the box are meant to renew and refresh your spirit and support your transformation. Feel your spirit lighten and your hope restore as you browse your box contents.