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Harper Candles are made by the owners of Butterfly Box. They named their candles after their granddaughter, Harper, and want their candles to fill your home with a cozy flicker and fragrance to remind you that Jesus has the power to turn darkness into Light!
Harper Candles are made from a coconut wax blend and all of our fragrances are phthalate free!
Coconut wax derives from coconuts which is an environmentally friendly product. If you care about the planet our candles are for you. The manufacturing of coconut wax is not associated with deforestation. Farming coconuts is easy on the environment as there is no need for pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides.
Paraffin wax, the most common type of candle wax, can be toxic when burned if it’s not considered a food grade paraffin wax.
Coconut wax, on the other hand, is clean burning
and produces less soot than paraffin and even soy wax.
Coconut wax is one of the cleanest burning waxes, so you enjoy burning your candles guilt free.
Coconut wax has a superior scent throw compared to other waxes so it creates a long lasting, clean, strong scent that you can enjoy throughout your home.
Some candles burn out almost as quickly as they’re lit. But coconut wax burns slowly, cleanly and smoothly, giving you more candle for your money.