We are currently taking orders for our June boxes. Orders ship between the 6-12 of each month.

What Women Are Saying

Hear what our customers are saying...

Thank you so much for this box! Just what I needed!


This has been a much needed gift for myself and others that I share it with. Every month this box is such an inspiration.


I loved the box and all that it has in it. I was having a down day and it was a wonderful gift to remind me of what is important and not dwell on things that are not. Thank you so much for putting together such a great box.


I loved this month’s box!! It had an awesome travel mug with Psalm 23, a book by Beth Moore and a journal among other things. This box is always well thought out and full of inspiring items.


"My autumn Butterfly Box was delivered to my door on a day that was particularly bleak and frosty. Personal stress made everything dark and gloomy. I provide care for my elderly parents, one with Alzheimer's, the other with chronic illness. Coupled with work and other issues, I was beginning to feel like the sequel to the Book of Job. But then, God in His infinite compassion and blessing, supplied me with the Butterfly Box, and the joy of opening up the gifts within it was as though a weight had been lifted. From the thoughtful packaging, a personalized note, the Scripture readings, the monthly Believer's challenge, and the beautiful items that so charmingly reminded me of His will in my life, I was empowered to rise above my insignificant worries and rely on God for the answers. The Butterfly Box is a direct blessing from Him, and there's no gold star rating I can give that is higher than that."


"This box is so lovely and curator is even lovelier. I bought this for my MIL who is very strong in her faith and this was perfect. She loved every unique offering and was so excited upon receiving. Since this was a gift and was being sent out of town, I requested to possibly see what was in the box and it did not disappoint - customer service is top notch. Don't hesitate this is a perfect gift and a great way to send a bit of joy and encouragement."


"I love my box! This was such a blessing with so many sweet gifts to encourage me in my walk. I love that this box came with a letter explaining the heart behind the box as well as each individual item. And, 10% of the box goes to a good cause, which is jut amazing! This box is anointed and thought through and it's so clear that a lot of thought and input went into each gift. Thank you Butterfly Box!"

~Carolyn, Texas

"Oh my gosh! How fun it was to receive my Butterfly Box in the mail. My day wasn't going as well as I would have liked, but when my box arrived, it was my gift to myself. And having said that, I realize now what a nice gift this would be to someone who needs a little pick-me-up or a big pick-me-up! I could sit and look at each item and realize the person who put this together was interested in my journey with the Lord and helping me grow stronger in that journey. Very reflective and very personal for me and I can't wait to get my next box and gift it to someone else who may be in need of a personal encouragement to spend time and grow with our Lord."

~Judy, Texas

"I was so pleasantly surprised by my beautiful Butterfly Box when it arrived! There were so many items, much more than I expected, and each one was so well made and useful. Each item was a reminder of my heavenly Father and the importance of our relationship, so I loved that! I can't wait until my next box arrives!"

~Rachael, Arizona

"I LOVED my "Butterfly Box". I adore how each item was thoughtfully chosen to remind the opener of God's Word throughout the day...from the "scripture tea", to an amazing book, "Off the Pages and Into Your Life", to the magnetic bookmark & highlighter, to a Proverbs 31:25 wooden cross to hang somewhere "most needed", to a beautiful hand-made scripture card holder, to a lovely "Heart Cross & Butterfly" bracelet, and lastly the pampering item..."Renewed Spirit Passion Flower Body Butter""! What an extraordinary lovely box of unique items...Keep a few for yourself & give the others as gifts!! Love everything about this!!"

~Heather, South Carolina

"I was recently a winner in the "Butterfly Box" giveaway,and needless to say.... I was thrilled! I NEVER win when participating in giveaways. What a blessing to receive such a treasure of inspiration...... in the mail. I sat down with a cup of coffee and unpacked the gifts ...... Each item truly brought a smile to my face,and such JOY to my heart. I could tell that there was a lot of thought that went into packing my box, from the coordinated theme to the beautiful packaging. It was like getting a "Faith Lift"...... in a box! Consequently, it not only left me feeling uplifted, and inspired, but challenged to spread the joy that I received from that little box of encouragement. Thank you Butterfly Box!"

~Tanya, Southern California

"I wanted to let you know my mother in law received her BUTTERFLY BOX today! It came at the perfect time and had the BEST things inside. To see her face light up on face-time as she opened it up to tell us all what was in it, it was PRICELESS! In that moment she found peace and was very happy. (tears of joy)

This box means more to her than anyone could ever know. We wanted to do something a little different for Mother's Day and found you!

Little Story... Jan 25th my mother in law was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She waited until Feb 10th to tell our family. She drove all the way from Florida to North Carolina to tell us in person.

I could not imagine hearing this, going through a biopsy and then to drive 300+miles to tell us. At first my heart hurt for her and also for my husband. Then anger set in because how on earth could this happy to such a special, amazing, selfless person? She has been everyones rock, including mine, and this disease didn't care.... But she is strong and goes through everyday as a FIGHTER! A fighter for US, FAMILY, LOVE, HER GRANDBABIES, GOD and most of all HERSELF! 

My husband and I looked at many subscription boxes but there was something special about this one so I chose it! Thank GOD I did!!! This is the BEST one out there! I just wanted to tell you thank you for sending this and how much this means to us as a family going through a rough patch... We decided on this box for her, so when she has a "BAD" day this will come at a time when she really needs it and brighten her day. It has done so much more than that! 

Bless you and this sweet company! I hope you know you do make a difference with these boxes.... Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart and more!"

~Shannon, North Carolina