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Let Your Love Grow Gift Box

Let Your Love Grow Gift Box

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Product Description

The theme for this box is “Let Love Grow.”  This box is filled with some beautiful items that will help illustrate the idea and practice of letting love grow in your life.

So what’s inside?

  •  In this box you will find an adorable Tea Cup/Planter with the words, “Plant Faith, Grow Hope, Harvest Love” written on the front, along with a saucer and spade. Inside the planter is a paper heart which has seeds embedded into it, rich planting soil to nourish your flowers and planting instructions. As a continual reminder to Let Love Grow you can enjoy planting these flower seeds, nurturing them carefully and patiently and watching them grow. What an amazing illustration of how the love of Christ grows in us, especially through nourishing ourselves with His Word, being patient with our growth and choosing actions and activities that cultivate this growth.  
  • Next you will find a beautiful quilted wristlet that is embroidered with Ephesians 5:2, “Live a life filled with love.” Not only is this wristlet quite useful as it can hold your phone, credit and debit cards and ID, but it also has this awesome scripture reminder inside!
  •  You will also find a “Let all you do be done in love” magnetic To-Do list and    Monthly scripture card featuring Ephesians 3:16-18!