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3 Month Gift Plan

3 Month Gift Plan

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Save by investing in our 3 month subscription. Included is 3 months of amazing Christian products which offer spiritual inspiration throughout the month. That's an amazing gift to offer someone you love!

*This is a non-renewing subscription.

Give the Gift of His Grace

We’ve got the perfect gift idea for the women of faith in your life. Our three-month gift box delivers a themed box to support women of faith’s spiritual growth — the perfect gift for the women you love. Show your support for her faith journey with a recurring devotional gift delivered monthly. While each box is unique, her Butterfly Box gift box is likely to contain:
  • Devotional book or journal
  • Christian home decor Faith-inspired personal care items
  • Wearable items

Non-Renewing 3-Month Gift Box

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Orders ship within 48 hours and every 30 days after. There is no obligation, cancel or modify your subscription at any time!

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6 Months

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12 Months

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How Butterfly Box Is The Most Meaningful Gift You'll Ever Give


Each box is thoughtfully curated by women of faith for women of faith or searching for faith. Because a woman of faith custom makes each gift box, you can rest assured that the issues the recipient faces will be addressed in the box.


You are there to hold her hand, offer advice, and remind her of God’s grace. Reinforce the support with uplifting gifts that remind her of your and Christ’s love even when she is alone. We create themed boxes that illustrate Jesus’s beliefs, attitudes, and ideals for everyday life. Uplift her spirit and renew her spiritual energy with a Butterfly Box gift.


Browse our previous boxes to get an idea of what Butterfly Boxes contain, but understand that each box is completely unique! We work with a variety of Christian companies, so no two boxes are the same. Unlike other gifts that people expect, give the unexpected!

Portion Of Profits Shared With A Ministry

Rather than giving your money to a big-box store, when you purchase a Butterfly Box gift or subscription, you help support small Christian businesses and a portion of the profits are given to ministries. When you gift a Butterfly Box, the ripple effect of giving extends far beyond what you can see.

Try a month-to-month subscription for yourself first, and then share the love with those you love. You can even pick from a few of our previous boxes to get a feel for what’s inside. We hope you’re called to share the Word, with the help of Butterfly Box!