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Choose The Perfect Christian Gift Box Subscription

Non-renewing gift subscriptions to share God's Word.

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How Subscription Boxes Make Great Gifts

Subscription boxes from Butterfly Box are the perfect religious gifts for her. Here are just a few reasons why. The Gift That Keeps Giving - go beyond the “one and done” approach to gift-giving and present the women in faith on your list the gift that keeps giving with a subscription box. Whether you choose our 3, 6, or 13-month option, the recipient will receive a faith-focused box delivered directly to their door, every month! Ultimate Convenience - Rather than curating your own gift boxes or bags by selecting individual meaningful gifts and packaging them together in a well-themed, coordinating set, you can have the shopping and gift wrapping done for you — and delivered! Practical + Luxurious - Offer the women on your gift list everything they need — something pretty to wear, self-care items, practical Biblically-themed items, and devotional reading material — all at the same time! Unbeatable Value - By the time you pay retail for each gift piece, purchase the perfect gift packaging, compile it all, and ship it off, you’ve spent nearly double what you would for a wholesale gift box curated by experts and delivered by professionals.

Reasons to Gift a Faith-Focused Subscription Box

It is cost-effective — all the items inside are purchased at wholesale prices and boxed together. And, when you invest in the 12-month gift plan, you save a total of $76.88, which is enough to send a one-time gift box to two more prayer partners! The element of surprise — the recipient will be delighted to receive the gift that keeps giving! Convenience — it’s delivered directly to the recipient each month. Give the Gift of Faith — share the Word in a way that’s comfortable for you and the recipient. Gift on your terms - Our give a gift subscription option allows you to purchase a non-renewing gift that you can modify or cancel at any time —no obligations!