We ship the boxes on the 1st and 15th of each month

Choose Your Subscription Option

We have several subscription options to inspire women's faith


$36.99 + Shipping

$131.99 Billed Every 3 Months

$35.99 + Shipping

$257.99 Billed Every 6 months

$34.99 + Shipping

$491.99Billed Every 12 Months

$33.99 + Shipping

What to Consider For Your Best Subscription Option

At Butterfly Box, we know that most women of faith don’t spend money on themselves and can rarely find the devotional goods that help them pursue Jesus at local retail stores. We’ve done the work for you. To select the best subscription option for you, consider this:

How often does your environment encourage you to deepen your relationship with God? If the answer is ‘not enough,’ we’d recommend at least the 6-month plan!

Who is the subscription for? Consider each recipient’s current faith journey and how much encouragement they will need. The more support, the better.

How readily available are devotional items in your community? Butterfly Box includes a wide range of faith-focused items including fillable journals, scripture decor, and consumable self-care items. If you can’t restock easily, take advantage of our subscription that delivers God’s Word directly to your front door.

It is cost-effective

— all the items inside are purchased at wholesale prices and boxed together, which makes them less expensive. And, when you invest in the annual subscription, you save a total of $76.88, which is enough to send a one-month box to two prayer partners!

The element of surprise

— you get to go through the items one by one and be amazed by the Scripture and personal care items you discover. Sometimes, they arrive right when you need them most.


— it’s delivered right to your door!

Give the gift of faith

— when apologetics seem like too much, share the Word in a way that’s comfortable for you and the recipient.